Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update and Mom's first day with TWO!

We left the house this weekend! Well, it wasn't the first time...we made a short trip to Old Navy on Friday too, but this was much more fun and just what this mama needed.
And also what two little girls needed as well. I love their faces in this picture. Lauren and Emma had a lot of energy to burn on Saturday, but they played really well.
We both had talks with our girls before the visit about sharing and it worked or it was a complete coincidence.
The girls played dress up, sang, climbed, colored...and I felt like I got to enjoy some adult conversation.
They got the biggest kick out of climbing over Emma's playhouse door. Hysterics, I tell you:)
The gap is for sure closing in on these two and they are having real conversations with each other. My memory is escaping me now, but Emma said something to Lauren along the lines of "I use to do that when I was a kid."
Thank you Padden's for having us over. We had a great time!!

I apologize for the absence of William in this post. I meant to get pictures of everyone and we forgot.

Today was my first full day home with William and Lauren ALONE! We didn't have anywhere we had to be so the day has been stress free. And actually, I think getting back to some normalcy has even helped Lauren. We were able to do some activities together while William is sleeping. Playdoh, coloring and my new rainy day activity...exercise dance party! She needs to burn energy so I put on some of my favorite tunes and we were kicking our legs out, punching it out and raising the roof. But the day couldn't end without at least one phone call to dad for help....yeah, Lauren flushed William's diaper down the toilet. There is still another hour or so before his return, but I was anticipating a crazier day and maybe uttering the phrase "its 5 o'clock somewhere" at say, 12:30pm, but I've been lucky TODAY. Tomorrow is another day.



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