Sunday, May 1, 2011

My last Easter post...I promise!

We had a busy week and I didn't get around to finding the time to post yet again about Easter. But I have to because this is the real deal. The actual celebration.
Aunt Cara and Uncle Brandon flew in for Easter weekend specifically to meet William, and of course spend some quality time with their favorite niece too!!
We dyed more eggs...
And made special Easter cupcakes on Good Friday...
Saturday was the day we celebrated Easter with the Crawfords and spent most of the day outside because of the nice weather. Lauren ran around the backyard like this all afternoon. She just loves being outside...rain or shine. She jumps in puddles, climbs, slides, runs, and explores. If she isn't saying "one more time" about something, its "let's do again."
And I love smiling sleeping babies. He was such a trooper all weekend, but who wouldn't love the attention!
And no offense to the other uncles, but she is in L-O-V-E with Uncle Brandon! She followed him everywhere on Saturday, built a couch fort, and sat on his lap. She got her fix!
The only bad part of the weekend was Aunt Cara getting a stiff neck. We all felt so bad for her...and I'm sorry if you don't want this picture posted, but don't worry, not many people read this blog.

And here is another family photo...believe it or not, William is the one messing it up:)
And Easter Sunday we spent at Grandma Mary's with Uncle PJ and Uncle Sean. Lauren loved seeing this picture of her upside down.
William must really not like his picture being taken.
Really, it seemed that when the camera was clicking, he was crying.
It was a busy weekend going back and forth from Royal Oak to Grosse Pointe, but we wouldn't trade it. There are those moments when we are wishing we could linger in pajamas or catch up things around the house, but these are the weekends that make memories. This is life and we celebrate holiday weekends BIG!



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