Friday, May 20, 2011

Kid Swap

Emma and Lauren spent the entire day together on Wednesday because Emma's babysitter was out of town. Jocelyn only agreed to me taking Emma if she could help out and take Lauren for us. Done and done!
The day couldn't have gone better. And I mean that, the girls were a complete joy.

We started off with breakfast and Emma was a little shy to start, but you could tell she just needed a little time so we let the girls play on their own till Emma was settled. Which by the way, didn't take long.
We did a couple of crafts, practiced our numbers, made jello, played hide and seek (my favorite part of the day)
(I love that Gipper is in the back ground of this picture)
and even snuck in a walk. And I know you are all jealous of this sweet pink raincoat. I found it in my mom's closet and it matched perfectly with the girls:)

It was so fun to watch them interact all day, listen to the funny things they say and see the difference in their ages. Emma is such a sweet girl. On our walk she would have held my hand the entire time, where Lauren is running ahead to explore. Emma seems to take her time with things like she is enjoying and taking it all in. And Lauren is moving so fast you're surprised she remembered when she recounts the activity later that day.
They seem to be a perfect fit.
Much to Jocelyn's surprise, I even got both Emma and Lauren to nap...thanks to Grandma Mary, who said "stop asking them if they want to nap, and TELL them." It worked.
It was a long day, but very fulfilling. It was nice to be at my mom's away from my own laundry and cleaning and able to be completely present in the entire day with these two beautiful toddlers.
When we got home I said to Lauren, "you make life so awesome"....she replied, "I like rice cakes."

Thank you for letting us have Emma for the day and thank you Grandma Mary for helping me with all three kids.



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