Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Schmorgishborg

Our weekend was busy, but great. Its actually my favorite kind of weekend. A schmogishborg of fun and chores. The kind where you are up and at 'em and can't believe what you've accomplished by noon!
(not to be confused with up and Adam, which is what I thought my mom was telling us growing up. I always thought, "who is Adam and why is he getting up so early?")

We checked a ton of things off the to do list. Things that had been lingering week after week, but also enjoyed some fun with friends and the kids.
We got to meet Tyler Windtberg on Friday and he is just adorable. He has beautiful blue eyes that I could just stare at all day and we love that our two boys are basically the same age.
Kristi and I have so many great memories from MSU and its probably a long shot but William and Tyler would make great fraternity brothers. I see ice luges and tailgates in their future!
Our summer planting is done, the bushes are trimmed,
the patio furniture is out and the cocktails were in hand. Cheers to our first happy hour of the season!
Ahhhhh, doesn't this look refreshing after a day of yard work?
Someone decided that the potting soil belonged in her pool.
And we enjoyed another summer favorite, grilled corn on the cob. I love it so much I've become a cob snob and really won't eat it any other way. Recipe here. We've never done the butter, just the grillin.
We treated ourselves to to a nice walk and ice cream after completing all our errands, going to church, yard work, grocery shopping, and various other miscellaneous to do's. This phantom walker is Lauren insisting on pushing her stroller. And I will also add that this girl RAN, yes RAN a half mile to get the ice cream and ran almost the entire way home. Crazy!

She has a new found obsession with Superman so we had to get her Superman ice cream.
And this guy is a SMILIN fool. It happens all the time and Billy witnessed his first little laugh last night too.
The coos are starting and more and more each day he is responding to you.
I love the way their little personalities start to unfold.


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