Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Miss Stylish

Lauren is becoming more and more interested in what she is wearing, not wearing and accessorizing with. Most days when I pick something out, she just wears it. But some days she insists on wearing a dress or "I wanna be naked, mom." But mostly, no matter what I say....she picks out her shoes. A girl after my own heart:)
And here she is accessorizing me...her sunglasses, her necklaces and her hat. "Mom, you so pretty"...and look at that face!
At grandma Mary's last week she "needed" to wear all these necklaces for our walk. A few other walkers told her how cute she was and then gave me that look like "you've got your hands full"...yep, I do, but I wouldn't trade it. Aloha Lauren!
I started working out again to help lose the baby weight and I have a partner, of course! She has her leotard on and was lifting 5 lb weights right along with me. Looks like Lauren got her tickets to the gun show. I love watching her attempt the moves along with the video, and when I was doing push ups she was trying to, but just said "mom, I can't do it."
She knows what she wants, when she wants it...who could she have got that from?



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