Monday, May 2, 2011

Sean, you've been blogged.

Sean has anxiously been waiting for an appearance on The Crawford Clan, and while there was a sneak peak with Easter, we voted and he gets an entire post to himself!
We made the drive to Kalamazoo this past weekend to celebrate Sean's graduation from Western Michigan University. We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.
Those cords are for service men and women and Sean wore them proudly.

I could go on and on about how much Lauren loved swimming in the hotel pool and because of all that energy burned she passed out at the graduation Billy and I (and everyone else) a peaceful dinner....but then was up till 11pm because she got a second wind. Pay now or pay later, as Billy said. Or I could tell ya how awesome William was for the drive, the ceremony, and the dinner, but I won't. This is all about you, Sean!
We enjoyed dinner with some of Sean's friends and their families and hope to see these guys again this summer, because they were a blast! I think a part of me just liked hearing all their college stories because for those few hours I was back in college too, minus the jager bombs!
And Sunday we did go to Bell's Brewery...well, not the actual brewery, but their general store for shopping and their restaurant for some beers and lunch.
Cheers! The food was great and the beer...well, you know that was good too!

This was Sean's kick a$$ purchase at the general store.
Watch out ladies, because this guy is educated, employed and obviously very stylish!

Congrats Sean! We are so excited you are moving home!

The Crawford's

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