Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Back....

I took an extended break from blogging over the holiday, but I'm ready to pick things back up.  I'm going to share some upcoming home projects as well as get back to capturing and writing about some of the little moments I get to enjoy as a stay at home mom...there will still be big moments too!  
Besides the holidays, our days and nights were filled with get togethers with family and friends.  We packed a lot in, and as I just finished downloading 183 pictures I decided that in an effort to keep you as a reader and save time...here are my top 12.  Ok, so I wanted a top ten list, but I couldn't do it

Big Boy William
Rocking a cool cardi on his first Christmas Eve

Bow Tie Billy
He has owned this bow tie longer than we have known each other, and after seeing that it's making a comeback I asked him to sport it on Christmas Eve.  I was lovin the look.

White Elephant Gifts
This has been a tradition at the Crawford house for several years, but this was the first year that we have really gotten into it.  It involves cheering, stealing, and a ton of laughs.  And it's on now...I'm already looking for next years goodie.

Opening Presents
It goes by faster than you always think it will.  Some reactions are better than others, and often the best reactions come from the littlest and cheapest gifts...not to mention they just love the opening part!  But we are so lucky to get to experience it  through them for many years to come.

Meeting new babies
Billy's oldest friend just had a baby in November and we stopped in on Christmas to meet her.  I still think William is an itty bitty one till you meet an even newer bundle of joy.  You can tell Charlie is just over the moon in love!

Lauren's newest obsession is Dora the Explorer and talks to us about Swiper the Fox.  That has led us to say "Swiper, no swiping" for just about anything that she or William do.   Hence, swiping tenderloin pre dinner!

Crawford Family Day
It was a laid back day spent at my in-laws, but it was perfect with two kids who just wanted to visit with their aunt and uncle.  Look, its a family picture and they are perfectly comfortable with Aunt Cara and Uncle Brando!
Visiting with her future in-laws and Christopher
Lauren was playing shy most of the visit, but we enjoyed catching up with the Hutchins for a few hours before they headed back to Florida.  We miss you and can't wait to start planning our 2012 vacation!!
(Beth...do you think he is going to use that hat much in Florida?!?)

NYE dinner
We spent the evening with The Padden Family and they cooked up an amazing dinner for us, everything went well together and was cooked perfectly.  But I gotta mention a little truffle cheese that made its debut that night, and was quickly finished the next day!

Dance Party
The moves.  The faces.  You know you wish you were there.  

Emma and Lauren
I loved spending the evening with the kids.  We did decide to leave William at Grandma and Grandpa's and it was the right decision, we got to enjoy ourselves a little bit more and also give Lauren and little one on one attention.  

Are you sick of me yet?
Seriously, are you?  I got to spend a lot of the break with Jocelyn, which doesn't happen often with busy schedules and not living right around the corner.  We are lucky our girls play so well so our visits are always two-fold:)  

Well, my timer just went off (that's what I do to keep me in check) and kiddies and daddy are calling.  Time for the tree to make its grand exit!

Happy New Year!




  1. Great pictures, Lauren is gorgeous, seriously gorgeous!! And YES Christopher could of wore that hat this morning, in the 30's here! Can't wait for new memories with the Crawfords in 2012:)
    Love ya, Beth

  2. I just saw this comment...thanks for the sweet compliment on LC! Oh and was up till 11 pm looking at vaca stuff, my brain would'nt stop!