Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're off to the see the wizard!

I packed us up this morning to head to meet a friend at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn to see the Wizard of Oz Children's Exhibit.  I have a lot on the calendar this month to keep us busy and happy.  January tends to be a long and depressing month for me, so I'm trying to keep the calendar full of winter activities to get us through.

(quick props to Lauren...picked out this rad outfit all by herself.  Yep, it's a pink leopard belt)

I can't take credit for the planning, but I'm so happy we went.  Lauren and her friend Alexis had a blast and really got to experience a lot of what was offered.
Alexis was a sad because Lauren wouldn't hold her hand:(

Unfortunately, it ends this weekend so there isn't much time to check it out.  There were lots of hands on activities that could be done over and over even though it was crowded.

We spent over 3 hours at the museum...

and not just in Munchkin land:)  As you can see many of the pictures are of the back of Lauren's head because she wouldn't smile for one picture.  My little busy body was certainly kept busy!

And William was absolutely perfect!  I was nervous the night before and all morning because he has been crabby the last few days.  He will be all smiles and then goes in to full back arching plus Arnold Schwarzenegger strength, topped off with nasty snot nose all over my moi!  But much to my surprise, he was a complete angel.  

Brushing the cowardly lion's hair

I don't have any other museum pictures besides the one of Lauren being a human hotdog, which we did five times!  And I may be on a high from today but I totally want to head back soon.  The automotive area was under construction until the end of the month and that houses my favorite thing, a 1950's diner.  I remember my parents taking us there when we were little, sitting in those booths and wishing I could eat at a place like that.  I still wish.  Bucket list?

Great day and I was even caught on film too!
(thanks for sending the picture Darlene)



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