Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 months...say what?

William turned ten months yesterday and I was a hot mess of emotion.  Two phone a friends, a call to mom and a not showering kind of emotional day.  Between finishing nursing and not knowing if our family is complete, turning ten months was just too much for me.  I done gone lost my mind yesterday!

hugged, kissed and squeezed this little guy all day long.  Trying to hold him more than usual but he wouldn't let me.  Walking along everything and crawling as though he is training for London this summer.

His bottom two teeth came in last month and his top two are about to break through.  As I said last week, sleep was tough.  But Wills crossed over and has had some great nights.  Last night, he slept from 9pm to 7am.  Can I get an AMEN?

Besides a remote control, cell phone, or other electronic device there isn't one toy or stuffed animal that he gravitates to.  But bath time is his thing.  Dude starts bouncing up and down as soon as the water starts running.

Eating on the other hand, not his thing.  He is quickly getting over baby food in any form, but is spitting out almost everything I try besides the snacky stuff.  Smiles galore as soon as he sees the Cheerios box.  I'm starting to get frustrated because I'm running out of ideas, but I'm sure when he is good and hungry, he will eat!

The party planning is underway for a Saint Patrick's Day birthday bash....Kiss Me, I'm 1:) Clever, huh?



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