Friday, December 28, 2012

New Mexico Recap

Our travel day started early and included a plane change.  We did our best to keep them quietly entertained but whining happened and Wills had crazy man strength when he wanted out of his seat.  But when they were quiet, we could exhale and relax for a second.

We were so happy once we were settled into the hotel and were greeted by Aunt Cara!  
The adults enjoyed a much needed happy hour before heading out.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not sunny and warm in Albuquerque.  We left one cold climate for another, but decided to brave the cold for a popular holiday destination called The River of Lights near the Rio Grande.

 The kids loved it!  We walked through gardens to see a display of anything you can think of decorated in lights!  There were model trains on display, carolers, and a maze.
We didn't last long.  It was colder than our Floridian relatives bargained for:)

On Friday morning, we headed toward the mountains to the city of Madrid.  A former ghost town turned artists colony.  It was basically a tiny stretch of shops with unique gifts and treasures for sale, and we also stumbled upon this.
Don't mind if we do!

I've seen one or two of these at a tourist location, but an entire park?  Fun!

We then stopped for a drink and bite to eat at the Mine Shaft Tavern.  A great find!

It was a great adventure that went a little wrong.  Out of nowhere, Wills puked in the car.  I skip the gory details, but it was bad and at first we thought it was maybe motion sickness, but it really was a stomach bug.  We ended up missing the rehearsal dinner and I got sick later that night.  We both rallied for the wedding which was the most important part, but sicknesses lingered and it just isn't how you want to spend your family vacation, especially an important family wedding.

(silver lining: Wills is shirtless but upon cleaning him off we spotted an alpaca.  Don't worry, there's a fence)

Post wedding we spent the afternoon at Ken's sisters house.  It was an amazing home and had a beautiful view of the mountains.

Lauren and William were in their glory with the playscape and other kids.
(yep, he's in pajamas and the new coat we were forced to buy)

Friendships were made all around and we hope we'll see them all again.

Especially with the way these two hit it off.  Ken's daughter, Olivia is six years old and was so sweet to Lauren.  They were fast friends and it was hard for Lauren to say goodbye.


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