Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea for Two

We had a fancy tea party yesterday. Complete with a hat, bracelet, gloves and for the first time we used her china tea set (a baby gift from Aunt Meghan). I set it up all up with the door closed and Lauren in the hallway and told her to get ready for this special tea party with mom.
When I opened the door she was so excited about what was on the table.
We cheers-ed about 100 times and had refill after refill. It was cute until she found the box that the tea set came in and proceeded to rip apart the styrofoam, throw it on the floor and even attempt to eat it. Needless to say, the fancy tea party was over, tea set immediately returned to the closet and I began to vacuum. HA!
But thank you Target dollar bin for the hat and gloves...she went to bed with her hat on Monday night:)

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