Friday, March 11, 2011

Rain, rain go away...but not SNOW!

I took this yesterday after looking out at this grossness for two days....but then,
awoke to this today. Seriously, I couldn't be more ready for spring. Maybe its because we didn't go on vacation, maybe its because I'm longing to put the Ugg's away for the season and let me feet breathe without socks, or maybe the few days of sunshine and slightly warmer weather were instant mood lifters that seeing this snow just makes me depressed again. Whatever the reason...please spring, get here fast!
Lauren is ready for spring....check out her full denim skirt (even has tulle underneath). I'm so jealous because I've seen these full skirts in magazines and catalogs and can't wait to sport one myself. I admit, not the best pictures to show off her hottest spring item, but I was playing around with my newest IPOD touch.

After losing my nano over six months ago, I realized that St. Anthony wasn't bringing it back no matter how hard I prayed so tada, I've reconnected to the 21st century and will no longer be burning CD's to listen to in the car. And this new accessory has a sweet app that can take pictures and make them look like this....check out the Hipstamatic app!
But we did celebrate this snowy morning with Billy's homemade smoothies.....soooo yummy! They were an instant mood lifter to start our Friday....thanks for taking the time to blend these up.

2 overripe bananas
1 cup frozen berry medley
1 cup milk
honey (2ish Tbsp)
cranberry juice (to taste)

Have a great weekend

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