Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't photograph my pants...

When I started the blog I promised myself I was going to post EVERYTHING....the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was going to celebrate it all, because heh, that's life. Today's post is just that.

I shouldn't completely say "the ugly" when you look at the following pictures because our beautiful William is in all of them. What is ugly, are the pants. We were taking some shots of William before and after his bath and the number one thing I said was "don't photograph me in these pants."
We all know I'm a little vain. Ok, maybe a lot at times, but when it comes to just having a baby and not feeling like yourself, I'm sorry, but I don't really want any ugly pictures. But, I couldn't resist posting these pictures. Are these pictures of William's first bath or my polka dotted pj's?
Uh, hello big bootie???
And this one, my personal favorite, the pants are what is in focus! When I saw the pictures, instead of getting ticked off and telling Billy he was the worst photographer, I just laughed. This is an Aubrey and Billy moment at its best. So part good and part ugly.

No pics of the bad....we just had a rough few days since Lauren returned on Monday. We thought she was much better and had my mom bring her home. While her fever was gone and she started eating for my mom, she came here and this bug just wouldn't leave. Luckily and knocking on wood for the millionth time, no one else has gotten sick. She is finally back to her old self, but it was hard not being able to mother her. I kept my distance to make sure William and I didn't get sick, but I cried about not being able to soothe her.

I also cried because I had a headache for two and half days for no reason. And cried because I'm getting cabin fever....where can one go with a week old baby? Or even without him when you feed every two hours? And don't even suggest a walk because its 30 degrees and I can't go far while being sore. But believe me, I'm thinking of our escape.

And lastly, while showering, doing my hair and putting on makeup all help when you're not back to your old are still not back to your old self. I cried about that too, but each day it gets better and better...God just should have made it an instant bounce back. Just sayin.

And maybe the tears helped because today I woke up headache free and felt like a whole new person. Really, sooo much better. Sometimes you just need a good cry or couple of cries to get it out. But I'm not going to kid myself. Billy returns to work tomorrow and then the real fun begins:)

On Monday we took William in for first doctor appointment and he had already gained 4 oz. He was 4 lbs 13 oz and just one ounce away from his birth weight. We were thrilled!!

William is just doing awesome. The feedings are going great, he is sleeping well and so far he is just a really easy baby. I've even been handling the nights all on my own because Billy was on Lauren duty and we thought this way he could be super dad during the day if he was more rested.
William's first the doctor, real thrilling!
And of course a stop at Trader Joe's. I think we've been there three times since we came home from the hospital. William and I just waited in the car and for some reason Billy forgot where he parked....JK!

Hopefully some pics of Lauren and William to come...




  1. Cracking up about the polkadot pant montage. Way to follow instructions, Bills! Either way, you look beautiful Aubrey. PJ pants & all! xo-Regan

  2. Love the blog, Aubrey! Good work! We've added you as a friend to our blog and will check back often.