Friday, September 5, 2014

Kindergarten Round Up

We survived the first week!  
Mostly smiles from everyone, and only a tiny bit of tears from me.
Kindergarten is tiring though...even for me!
It's great to be back into the routine and Lauren has been very independent each morning with little motivation to get moving and get her tasks complete.  She seems to love her teacher and recess, and buying chocolate milk at school.  No reservations about helping herself and telling me I needed to set up an account for her to buy it.  Fast learner.
 As for me, it's been hard to have her gone all day.  I was completely READY for school to start, but didn't realize that I wasn't ready for all day.  I haven't lead on that I missed her, but am looking forward to a lot of time together this weekend.  
And Billy was so happy he could see Lauren off on her first day to his elementary school alma mater.  Two Trombly Terriers right there!

But this little guy was a complete mess...crying and fighting us before we even left the house.  He didn't want sissy to start school.  He eventually calmed down and seemed happy to have mom all to himself. 

 It's going to be a great year...adjustments for all of us, but excited to see her grow and learn!

Have a great weekend




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