Friday, June 13, 2014

First Tooth

Lauren looked like this on Sunday at a pajama brunch....

And like this on Monday!  She lost her first tooth and I can't get over how different she looks.  Lauren keeps catching me staring at can one tooth make that face change?
Thanks to a dear friend we already had a pillow waiting for the tooth fairy.  This pillow was a lifesaver because Lauren had me up twice in fear that the tooth fairy was coming to door.  How many times would I have been up if the tooth fairy were putting money under her pillow?  The hanging pillow was then moved to our door and a peaceful nights sleep went on.  
There is a second tooth getting looser and looser by the day and a third that Lauren swears is loose.  I can't handle all this:)


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  1. Looks like Lauren likes being visited by the tooth fairy. Haha! Of course, the money left after every visit is always a nice perk. I do agree, don’t they simply look more adorable when they lose a tooth? It just makes them cuter for some reason. Haha!

    Chester Watkins @ Alluring Smiles