Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Fun {Park Life}

Worst blogger...blah, blah, blah.  
I've missed posting about the our happenings, but really felt like I didn't know what to say.  I mean, how many times can I post about a trip to Greenfield Village?  Well, don't worry, I can post at least one more, stay tuned.  But with summer exiting and school starting, I felt like getting back into it.  Kindergarten starts next week and preschool right after...if not for you, I need to do it for them.  That's why I started this. 
So, I'm going to bombard you with some summer fun posts all week in anticipation for the big first day of school post next week!!
Thanks to our move back to Grosse Pointe, we are blessed with a few parks that have a community pool and splash pad.  We have spent a lot of time there, making those tax dollars count!
William has grown up a lot this summer, I can see it in his face and even a recent height check...almost 1.5 inches taller since March!  But also socially too, he's much more opinionated with what he can and can't won't do.  And is most definitely holding his own with Lauren these days.  

And he is quite the little fish.  We have said all summer that he looks like he is drowning every time he jumps in the water, but whatever he was doing has got him starting to swim on his own!  This was the first day he started floating, ignore my painfully annoying voice!!

And my other fearless fish has been all about friends this summer.  Wanting play dates and more play dates and meeting a new friend at the pool if there isn't anyone she knows.  I think she is more than ready for the first day of school next week because she loves being around other kids.
Most of the time they love being around each other, and as the gap starts to close I see them getting closer and closer.  I wonder if William is going to miss Lauren when she is at school all day or if he will be happy that he has me and the house all to himself?  Maybe a little bit of both!  Because don't let the picture fool you, that switch can flip real fast!


 We've got less than a week and the we'll be putting our sunscreen away, I just hope we aren't pulling out sweaters just yet!



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