Monday, May 19, 2014

All Aboard!

Spring Break last month was pretty uneventful with us, luckily we had a few days of nice weather to keep us outside, but when the temps cooled I still had one trick up my sleeve.  
A train ride to visit dad for the day!

William loves trains and with dad working in downtown Ann Arbor the wheels started spinning with how we could make this happen.  It was really just a few clicks and one question to Billy "can you drive us home if we take the train to your office?"  Done and done!  William was in awe the entire ride, looking out and commenting with excitement at everything he saw.

Lauren was just excited to get the ipad as if it were a plane ride and have Spot from school along too.  Aside from a thrilling trip the grocery store, this was the highlight of Spots second stay with us.
They were all smiles and William especially, was talking about the ride for days!
It was one of my better ideas in quite some time.  I was just as excited as they were!  I didn't know the train could be so fun and will think about taking it on our next trip to Chicago!



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