Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking the Good.

You take the good with the bad when you're a mama.  And when it's been good, I want to bottle it, remember it.  Because on the bad days, you forget.  In those moments when you're sucked into how horrible it is, how terrible they're being...your mind can't think of any of the good.  It's a lot easier to sulk about the bad then to jump up and down about how good it is.  When you're happy and they're happy, you enjoy...but I'm trying to really cherish it.  

I need to remember that we had a three easy mornings off to school where Lauren got dressed, made her bed, and brushed her teeth without me asking once.  Everyone ate their breakfast without playing the "just three more bite game."  And it was a team effort getting out the door with help with shoes and backpacks.  Not to mention, we weren't flying  into the drop off line by the seat of our pants.
I want to appreciate the moments when they play like best friends, help each other with a task, share, and tell one another "I love you."  When she wants to, she can be the best sister...though it can change on a dime.  Wait, that's not this post.  Focus on the good:)
Just tonight they both started setting the table and asking to help make dinner.  I even asked, "why are you being so nice?"  Lauren's response, "because we love you." Truth be told, it also came from a conversation we had about showing mom appreciation.  Just a simple "thank you for dinner" would go a long way. Remember this mama, they are always listening!  
Lauren is graduating from preschool tomorrow and off to Kindergarten this fall.  I'm sad and happy all at the same time.  I can't wait for all that fun for her and for William to be in preschool.  This chapter is going to be another adventure that you won't want to miss!!


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