Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I love today. We have made traditions out of today and not just a trip or a dinner out, but we always watch our video, flip through our wedding album, and most importantly we take the time to look back on where we have been and where we want to go.
Our annual check up, so to speak.
This year I feel like I'm looking back on the where we've been and am overcome with emotion about my dad and just how amazing Billy has been through all of it. When we celebrated our five year anniversary last year we talked about planning for another baby, how we are constantly trying to make us the best we can be, how to raise "perfect" kids, and where our next vacation will be. Of course there was never a discussion on how we as a couple would deal with the loss we faced.

We will watch our video tonight for the first time since my dad died and I know it will be hard. Having him there to walk me down the aisle with my mom and dance with me are two precious memories I'll always cherish. And watching that video, you can see how truly proud and happy my dad was that Billy had come into my life. He said he was the luckiest guy that day.
You have been there for me and my family more this year than ever. You let me let me pick a fight with you, when you knew it was my dad I was angry at. You worked long hours, cleaned our house and played with Lauren just so I could rest my mind and body. And when the doctors scared me, you always knew William would be perfect.
You were our constant, providing patience, compassion, and of course humor.
Lauren really is right, you are Superman.

So Superman...thank you. Thank you for making me the luckiest gal 6 years ago today!
I love you and everything you do for this family.

Happy Anniversary.


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