Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road Tripin' to Richmond

The first and last part of our trip was spent in Richmond with Aunt Roberta, Uncle Doug and their greyhound, Belle.
We were laid back....did a little shopping our first day, which quickly ended with cranky kids and a tired mom. Enjoyed some wonderful meals (thank you Aunt Roberta for cooking all week), watched a little tv, like this crazy show...seriously, jaw on floor the entire episode, bbq'ed, lounged outside on the patio and chatted it up!
Belle graciously let Lauren use her pool for the duration of our visit. Lauren thought she was all that and more in her Lily bikini!

Woody and Jesse were a part of all the festivities as well. They came everywhere with us, but we are pretty sure they are both suffering from closed head injuries with how often they were tossed onto the ground.
Steamed oysters were oh so delicious!
And we wine tasted. The Barboursville Vineyard was gorgeous. The reds weren't as full bodied as I'd prefer, but there were a lot of good whites to try.
It was a crazy to start because William got fussy right after the first glass was poured and the movie we had for Lauren wasn't working and she wouldn't sit and color. But after I shed a few tears and took a few deep breaths, William fell asleep and Lauren was happy being held.
Wine tasting probably isn't the best place to take kids, but people do it all the time. And in the end, it worked out.
But then there was this guy. Yep, his shirt says "phour aces" and he was THIS close to us. I said to Billy "can he get any closer?" Billy responds "he just did." He was clearly looking for the fastest $5 buzz and we were moving too slow for him. We finally let him and his posse pass us and before you knew it, he was gone.
Barboursville was a great place to visit if you are in the area, we had a picnic lunch and toured the grounds.
Thomas Jefferson only designed a handful of homes, I've now seen two of them. I'm not saying that visiting them all is on my bucket list of life, but if it happens, it happens:)

Thanks Aunt Roberta and Uncle Doug for hosting us!



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