Sunday, June 26, 2011

A lil of this and a lil of that

William is 3 months old

They say God gives you what you need, not what you want. I thought I wanted a sister for Lauren, but now that our sweet Wills is here, I couldn't imagine it any other way. He is always smiling and laughing whenever anyone talks to him and loves to sit on your lap and face the crowd.
He isn't so little anymore....weighing in at 12 lbs now! And his eyes still haven't decided if they want to be brown or blue and we are crossing our fingers that his hair doesn't fall out. Its gotten a little lighter and a little more wild.

I just can't get enough of him. He goes with the flow all morning long and settles down right after lunch for a long afternoon nap. He wakes up just in time for some late afternoon play time and daddy time, before settling back down for the night. He is still waking up once at night, but we did have one night where he went from 11-6am.

Miss Fancy Pants

It started a few weeks ago. It was gradual, but my power over what Lauren wears each day has shifted. I can still use psychology to persuade her at times, but I'm mainly using it to tell her she will be too hot in a winter sweater when its 90 degrees out. She won't wear jeans, almost always wants a dress or skirt and is very particular on what shoes accompany her ensembles.
Case and point...

(dress courtesy of Emma P.)

Then there is the accessorizing. Most days she gets dressed and then heads down to her dress up drawer to complete her look. I actually think styles herself pretty well.
We scored these jelly bracelets and a whole bunch more jewelry for a dime at a garage sale. Only problem, I'm picking up jelly bracelets all over the house, the grocery store, and my car.
This is her "kissy face." You wanna kiss, she puckers up REAL big for ya:)
Lastly, its being naked. Her clothes and diaper come off at least once a day. This happened before I could get her bathing suit on. "I wanna be naked mom."

Happy Sunday.



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