Sunday, July 10, 2011


We spent the July 4th holiday in Chicago visiting our friends Regan and Ryan. This was the second time we made the trip with kids (we went when Lauren was 9 months old) and the trip was so much fun!

We arrived Saturday just in time for a bbq at their house with some of their friends and some of ours. Lauren enjoyed playing in the sprinkler, eating corn,
and feeding this little boy jello!
We also spent a lot of the weekend with Jean...she loves William almost as much as she loves hotdogs:)
The reason for the bbq was to celebrate Regan's 31st birthday...the cake was gorgeous and delish!
On Sunday, we headed to the beach. It wasn't as warm as we hoped and the wind picked up so we only lasted a few hours. This picture makes me laugh. Ryan is freezing, Lauren is eating and I think its a photo shoot!

The adults enjoyed playing a little corn hole pre-dinner on Sunday and to make sure Lauren was included we paused for a little hide n you think Lauren found Billy?
Lauren fell in love with Regan and Ryan...mostly Ryan. She woke up asking Where Ryan was?
Lauren also made sure to cover his eyes (more specifically, his nose) when the scary parts came on Beauty and the Beast.

When we asked her where they lived? She said "vacation." And yesterday we asked her where she wanted to go on her next vacation and she said "Regan and Ryan's"

(watch out Regan:) )

Thanks for an wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see you guys in October!



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  1. Miss you all so much! What a great weekend. Question: who is that new girl with Ryan and Lauren and why are her legs so white?