Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Friday Night

It was epic. Not in the reunion of old friends kind of way or so much fun you can't remember kind of night, but in the we knew we made her week kind of way. We had been wanting to do pizza and a movie night for awhile and finally the stars aligned, along with Netflix delivering Tangled in time.

We made pizza, which is one of Lauren's favorite things and an exercise for me in patience. Her idea of helping is really just sampling ALL the ingredients.
The pizza was enjoyed outside...our first cocktail hour/dinner since May. We cheers'd to that!
It was some much needed Crawford family time at home.
Well, hello there Wills:)
And our feature presentation did not disappoint. Lauren was decked out in her matching princess dress and sat just like this throughout the entire movie. The writing was funny, songs were catchy and the plot is perfect for anyone.
Her reaction once it ended. Not happy it was over. I'd give Tangled a B+. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. But the **SPOILER ALERT** stabbing scene...yeah, not really feeling that for a two year old. There is something about Disney and wanting to kill people that I will never understand. And stepmoms, fuhgeddaboudit. It's over before you even walked in the door. Thanks Disney.



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