Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know I've been a slacker on posting this month, but finding the time for blogging has been tough. Its not just the sunny days that are taking us outside or weekend bbq's or birthday parties, it's the kids!
Lauren wants my attention ALL THE TIME. And I try not to complain because soon enough I will be kicked to the curb and replaced with best friends. But when she isn't insisting I play coffee shop or color and William is content playing or napping I start tackling the usual to do list. Laundry, cooking, dusting, etc, etc.
It's the stuff beyond the must completes that we have such a hard time getting to. The 2010 family photobook, the endless pile I've created in the office of "I'll look at that later," or the winter coats that haven't been put away for the summer.
Time. I. Need. More.
Well, over the last few weeks we've tackled some projects that had been lingering like updating baby books and sending out thank yous. We even spent a Sunday tackling our basement that was looking like a serious candidate for Hoarders.
Please don't judge the picture above, but after some water damage our basement went from bad to worse. I'm surprised Billy even allowed me to photograph this mess, but I really wanted to document the before and after. Our basement is just that, a basement, but after a little TLC and a serious discussion on what can stay and what can go..."Billy, when we are entertaining we aren't standing around doing shots. We can 86 the shot glasses."
While its not pretty, its way more organized than before and we plan to keep it that way.
I also found the time this past weekend to do a project I found online for all the little things that you don't have a place for. Because space is limited we had these little things that just didn't have a home. Now they do.

There are even extra pockets left. And we are using it, just yesterday we needed matches to light the grill. Ahh, the matches have a home vs at the bottom of the junk drawer.
Under my bathroom sink was this before.
The after. $2.50 bins at Target. It felt good to find the time and to get a little more organized.
The party bow. She has been letting me do bows since Saturday night and I'm loving it. Her hair is out of her face and for the most part she is leaving them in. Some negotiation is required, but isn't she cute?
I'm hoping to post some family fun for the last few weeks over the next few days and get all caught up.
Hope you are enjoying July, we are!



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