Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chicago: Part 1

We made our annual family trip to Chicago last weekend and wanted to share our fun filled time with our amazing hosts, Regan and Ryan!

We quickly unpacked the car and grabbed a quick cocktail to calm the nerves after a six hour car ride with some unpleasant passengers.  I may or may not have been one of those unpleasant passengers.   After legs were stretched and blood pressure lowered we headed  to dinner.  Greek Style!  Opa!

We hadn't had greek food in forvever and while the food was fantastic, what normal one year old wants to sit after sitting in the car?  Hmmmm...  
Bing, bang, boom...dinner over.

A little gelato on our walk home and we called it an early night.

Regan and Ryan hosted a bbq on Saturday with some friends.  It was great to see some of their friends and catch up with some of ours.

9 month old J.J came to play too.  I don't know what it is about cellphones, but kids love all kinds.  Our kids were texting away on his blackberry.

These two pictures are cute, but they would be even cuter if Billy was holding Wills.  But he was outfit twins with JJ.  Notice we match expressions too:)
Lauren was in a picture taking mood, so I went with it.

Billy even got a cute one with William.

The party was a ton of fun until William got sick.  He couldn't keep anything down and nothing really calmed him.  We took turns with him inside until he fell asleep, and you thought I was ready for a drink earlier:) 

In this moment I had just gotten William down and poured that glass of wine...

Billy continued to snap away when all I wanted to do was sit.  I literally sat down and both kids woke up...I gave up and went to bed. 
C'est la vie!



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