Monday, July 23, 2012

Chicago: Part 2

Not only are we lucky enough to have friends in Chicago, but our friends just happen to be in the fish business and Lauren is currently really into fish.  It started with the book "My Visit to the Aquarium" which lead to more books and DVD's.  

Ryan is the owner of Blue Thumb Chicago and was happy to have a few employee's in training for the weekend.

Our Chi-town visit had to include a trip to the Shedd Aquarium.  I was surprised what Lauren could remember from books or dvd's.  
"There's a lion fish."
"That's a trigger fish."

I won't sugar coat the whole was great to show her all the fish, but we thought she was kidnapped more than once and she was over it faster than one should be a $30 a pop!  The dolphin show was a great finale to the visit for Lauren, but William gave up halfway through.

I just wanted a nice family picture with the Chicago skyline in the background.  
This is what I got...

I attempted a pep talk that was about ten years over their heads and got this.  
I guess I'm still searching for this year's Christmas card pic.

Lauren refused to be in the group shot...and then cried when we actually took the shot without her.

We LOVE our kids!

They both were sleeping before we exited the parking garage, no wonder they weren't in the mood for family pictures:)

We ended our trip with a little water fun (you work with what you got:))...

and some kite flying.

Thank you Regan and Ryan for being such great hosts!
You are so welcoming and always make us feel like we're right at home.  Till next time:)



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  1. Oh man. We miss you guys already!! We're cracking up just thinking about the Shedd Aquarium family picture fail. At least the adults got a good happy hour out of all of it. xo