Thursday, August 2, 2012

Singing Princess Camp

 Thanks to Disney and clever marketing there aren't many toddler girls out there that don't love all things princess.  Movies, books, pajama's, games, and Lauren's personal favorite...the dresses!  That also happens to be my least favorite...cheaply made and would probably ignite into flames in a matter of seconds if it saw fire.

So when a friend found a singing princess day camp for 3-6 year olds, I jumped right on it.  It was five days of girly princess fun.  The girls learned about manners, did crafts, worked on a dance, and had a tea party.  The best part was that each day ended with a visit from a different princess!  Much cheaper than a trip to Disney World, right?  My thoughts exactly.  On the last day, the parents were invited to watch the dance and see our daughter's crowned by Rapunzel.

The dance and coronation were adorable.  
Completed with a tune sang by Flynn Rider:)

The ladies that ran the camp were awesome.  We received text messages every night about what the girls did, along with group pictures with each princess of the day. 
Check out The Singing Princess!  Rapunzel could have made an appearance at Lauren's party last year, if only I'd known;)

Her love of Cinderella, Belle, or Ariel definitely go in waves and her week at camp certainly reignited her obsession with playing princess dress up.  This entire week she has been in high heels and has had at least four outfit changes per day.  I never thought I'd miss Dora and Diego so much.



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  1. Finally a post! I love how serious she looks in all these, you can see this was a big deal for her! I bet she talks about it until next summer, love it!