Friday, August 3, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Remember William's long, flowing, DARK locks?

The rule of thumb seems to be to wait until a baby turns one before cutting their hair.  I was pushing for his first haircut right after six months, but Billy fought me.

 He finally gave in after several people insinuated he was a girl.  Right around eight months he had his first haircut. 

 And since then William has had eight or nine more haircuts.  More than Lauren, she hasn't had her hair cut since March!

After his last haircut I started to notice that he was becoming a little blondie.  I must admit that I love blondes, probably because I'm so dark...I mean look at how dark my hair is compared to my kids.  I'd say he is all Crawford there, but my brother is and always has been a toe head.

And before you say it's just sun kissed, I'll stop you.  
Wills keeps those locks covered when he's catching rays.

For all the readers who know we've had feeding and weight issues with William, I'm so happy to say he's gaining more weight and most days we can get him to eat three meals a day.  The doctor suggested we start supplementing with pediasure once a day and it's seemed to help his appetite overall.




  1. So cute! I can't believe how light it is, what a doll. Can't wait to see him in a few weeks!

    XO, Beth

  2. Love a good Wills post!!! He's so cute!