Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trip Report: Island Lake

After our short stay just past the Mackinaw Bridge we continued on to "camp."  A place just outside a little town called Ishpeming, Michigan where a 100 year old cabin and twenty family members waited for our arrival.
I have visited camp twice before, but never with our kids.  Billy has vacationed here every year growing up and couldn't wait to show Lauren and William all that it had to offer.

After a few quick hugs we showed the kids the lake.  It's not filled with boats or jet skis and due to some chilly weather there weren't many people filling it either.  But even blue lips and shivers couldn't stop these two.

Our visit started out filled with cousins for Lauren and William to play with...keeping them very busy and very entertained.

Camp has a few traditions, Black River Falls is one of my favorites.  It's a five minute drive to a little hidden treasure.
This was taken August 2008, we had just found out that I was having a girl.

I really wanted to show that picture so you could see that we were actually going to see a waterfall.  It was sad to see how little falls are there now.

Another tradition is a camp picture with all the grandkids standing oldest to youngest.  But now, it's the great grandkids.  Attempt #12

Attempt #21...these were the best ones I got!

And taking turns ringing the dinner bell too:)

I've seen years of videos of the infamous camp talent show...but I gotta say, seeing it in person brought it to a whole new level.  William did a little dancing and Lauren brought down the house with her singing:)

And my new talent...paddle boarding.  Another thing I was hoping to do all summer, and the cottage next door actually had them.  Don't mind if I do:)

We had a perfect trip!  
Spending a few days with lots of extended family then as people left it was nice to enjoy a little quiet and have a few people all to ourselves.

This was our by far my favorite trip and I think seeing it through the eyes of your kids was what made it...ok, having our own space might have helped too...Thank you Robin and Bill for letting us have your camper, it was much appreciated!

  How 'bout those cutoffs?  Looking good Crawford, real good:)



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  1. Love this! Seems like such a special place and it's so much better though the eyes of your kids...living it now and its magic.