Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trip report: Mackinac Island

The Crawford clan spent the better part of last week traveling in our great State.  We barely made it one hour into our road trip and had to stop because of two hungry and cranky passengers.  

Have you heard about or tasted the world famous chicken dinners in Frankenmuth?  We decided to stop and judge for ourselves.  I don't see what all the hype is, but Zehnder's might be Lauren's new favorite restaurant.  During our entire meal she would pause and say "oh my gosh, this is so good."  Winner, winner chicken dinner:)

We continued our drive peacefully and overnighted in St. Ignace before really starting our vacation!  The next morning we hopped on a 10am ferry for a day trip to Mackinac Island.  It was a Crawford first for the entire family.  

We just happen to have made the ride that gives passengers a bird's eye view of the bridge...and get this extra charge:)

Upon arriving we walked straight to the Butterfly house, a must for kids.  

Lauren was lucky enough to hold a butterfly.  As you can see William was very jealous, and my expression...well, I had just overheard that Lauren's butterfly was about to make it's final trip to the sky, thus explaining why it would stay on the hand our quick moving daughter.

We stopped at The Pink Pony for a delicious lunch (thank you Joc).  Cold beers and sandwiches were the perfect fuel for our adventurous afternoon.

I had been talking about renting bikes on Mackinac all summer.  My vision of Billy and I riding side by side didn't quite pan out, but this was by far the highlight of the day for me!

The timing was perfect, we buckled them in and both went down for a little nap.  We needed the momentary silence, there had been a little too much whining for the start of our vacation!   The ride was about eight miles long and while it was mostly flat and fairly easy (I wasn't pulling two kids), we weren't dressed the best.

My outfit coordinated well with my bike, but there are a lot of areas where you can stop and go hiking or even swim.

Next time we'll be prepared!  After returning the bikes, the kids went into full on meltdown mode so we caught the next ferry out. I guess we'll have to save the world famous fudge for next time!

We enjoyed the day, but we'll wait a few years before we come back so that the kids can enjoy it as much as we did.



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