Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Field Trip

We got a little break from the summer heat last week and thought it would be perfect to take the kids to Greenfield Village for the day.  It's located right next door to The Henry Ford Muesum which we visited in January.

Greenfield Village is a trip through America's past.  Not only are there historic homes and shops, but visitors can see how things were made and people lived.  We are lucky enough to have a family friend that works there and lets us have her employee perks.

William and Lauren may have been a little too young to make candles or care to seeThomas Edison's laboratory, but they were the perfect age the train and carousel.

Two train rides and two carousel rides!

I think they would have done of this all day if I let them.

Especially Lauren.

We had picnic lunch, 

walked to see the geese, 

and visited a school house where we were instructed by Lauren.

A great day just us three.
Choo choo!



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  1. What a special day with the kiddos!
    I spy some new converse:)

    Xoxo Beth