Tuesday, July 10, 2012

William's Room: DIY Fabric Letter

I tackled my latest project last night and early this morning.  I would have more pictures for a tutorial, but I was multi-tasking.  Last night while watching TrueBlood and this morning while making the kiddos breakfast.  
How about a little hot glue on your french toast?

I found inspiration from these letters and followed the simple tutorial.  

Supplies were simple.  Fabric, scissors, fabric glue, padding, sharpie, hot glue gun.
Oh, and the letter, pictured below.

A little hint...just cut bigger and gradually go smaller.  You can always cut more, even after gluing.  I also glued one side of the letter and then the next, pulling tightly.  The tutorial suggested gluing the face and then the sides.

I'm not a crafting genius and besides a few glue burns, it was easy.  Maybe an "R" or "B" would be harder.  When doing the sides, I simply eyeballed and cut a long stripe that was a little bigger than double the width of the letter.  I used the fabric glue to fold over the fabric so there wasn't a frayed edge on one side.

I just hot glued the other side to the back of the letter.  I did make cut outs (if that makes sense) to help make sure the sides were tight.

 I do have rest of his monogram and enough fabric to complete the project.  But I'm going to wait until we get the room more complete in case I want to throw in a few other patterns.  

I think it matches pretty well:)

 I am linking up this post as part of a summer pinterest challenge project with some pretty talented home bloggers.  Check out Young, House, Love, Censational Girl, and Ten June.  

Warning:  you can get pretty lost in clicking on some of these projects:)




  1. super-cute! How about a "T" ??? :)

  2. this makes me so happy :) i was on younghouselove checking out the link ups and saw your fabric letter and thought--how fun that resembles mine and then boom--come to find out you were inspired by my fabric letters and made such a perfect one! you just made my day, love it! it matches perfectly with your other decor for william's room--its going to look great!

    katie@little things bring smiles

    1. How crazy that you found me in blog land:) Thank you for the comment and for the inspiration!

  3. Saw these at Anthropolgie and I think your came out better! Beth