Friday, July 20, 2012

Choo Choo at the Zoo

Finally, a little computer time.  Besides checking in with email, I've barely been on the computer.  It's been busy but aside from a second power outage in two weeks, it's mostly good stuff.  The camera was full of pictures after a weekend to Chicago, but I had to post another zoo trip because it was everyone's first train ride.  

We went with some neighbors that we've really gotten to know this summer.  Sloane and Kai live around the block and are right around the same age as Wills and Lauren.
Per Amy, Sloane's mommy...she's in the witness protection program:) 

We visited our usual spots and incorporated a scavenger hunt that I found here.  We improvised a few things, but the kids liked the game.

At the end we took the train back to the front gate. I don't think I'll get out of a train ride any longer:)

Pardon my face full of hair, but I had to document William too.

 Happy Friday!
I hope to play a lot of catch up this weekend and post about our great trip to Chicago.



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