Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keeping it Together {Thirty One}

Summer is officially here and that means pool days and picnics.  I've always had a go to bag for the pool and a lightweight cooler for picnic lunches.  If you haven't jumped on the Thirty One train, this post is here to push you in.

The Large Utility Tote isn't just for the pool, it is such a versatile bag that I own two!  We use this bag for overnights or week long trips.  And even take it on plane trips, it completely flattens in our suitcase so it can be our beach bag while on vacation.  This bag is always packed in the closet with towels, sunscreen, toys, and extra bathing suits so we are always ready to go. 

(The stripe pattern above is no longer available, but lots of other great options)

Yes, it's versatile.  But the real reason I own two of these bags is because they fit perfectly in between the front and back seats.  We need every inch of space when traveling by car!

I first posted about Thirty-One last summer when I purchased their small thermal tote for a shower gift.  I also own one and love it, it's great for holding a few beverages or snacks.  But I needed something bigger for lunches, snacks and extra beverages...Picnic Thermal Tote to the rescue!

This was such a great buy, it holds so much!  The site advertises that the tote can hold up to two 2-liters, which equates to at least two bottles of wine in my world.  Well, most of the time this bag is going to be holding the necessities pictured below.

I'm happy to announce that my dear family friend Terry Schafer, a Thirty-One independent consultant as our newest sponsor.  If you haven't checked out their products, you need to!  There is something for everyone with lots of fun prints!  Thirty-One has a special on the large utility tote too! Spend $35 and get the large utility tote for just $10.  This is when I bought both of mine!


  1. Oh how I love my thermal tote, too! :)

  2. wanted to edit Aubrey's post. The picnic thermal actually will hold 6 wine bottles! So for you wine people out there........happy Drinking!