Monday, June 3, 2013

School's Out!

Summer vacation has officially started, we said goodbye to our school and all of our favorite teachers last week.  I love this side by side picture, looking only a little more grown up in her face and eyes.  

 It was a bittersweet day.  Even just taking these pictures made me sad thinking we won't be here in the fall, yet so excited to know we'll be doing this at our new house (more on that soon...)

 She wanted to wear a special dress for her last day because they were doing a little concert for the parents in her classroom.  Nothing fancy, just a few songs they worked on.  It was adorable!
The kids were so proud of themselves, and Lauren has been singing the songs ever since:)

 I did get a little teary eyed because I do love her school.  Some of her friends she has known since she was three months old and they are a special little group.  One I know we'll keep in touch with.

 So long school, thanks for all the wonderful memories and HELLO SUMMER!!!
 I'm looking forward to mornings where we aren't rushing out the door, days at the pool, and nights at the playground.  


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