Monday, October 21, 2013

And She's Off...

The training wheels came off a week ago, but it doesn't seem that long ago that I posted about Lauren finding her way with her training wheels.  

She showed interest in the spring and after an hour of frustration on her part and ours, the training wheels were put back on.  She seemed more afraid of falling then anything.
But then Emma learned a few months back and even loaned Lauren her smaller bike.  The smaller bike was a much better height to gain confidence and help with balance.  But even trying that bike, she was still scared and wanted zero help from me.  I figured we would just hold off until the spring.
 And then last weekend she tried again.  We were at Emma's house and Billy shouted inside that she was doing it.  I really didn't believe it, because a month earlier there were tears and screams.  But there she was, riding.  Emma totally inspired her and gave her the confidence to do it.

 We took the training wheels off her bike the next morning and she's getting better and better each time she rides.  I had tears in my eyes watching her ride down the street, just one of the many firsts and many memories we will make in our new home.

Mostly for the grandparents, but here's the video from my phone...


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