Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Pool Party

Aside from a few close family friends, we have limited Lauren's birthday parties to family.  But for as long as I can remember I said that turning five would be a friend party.  I don't where she got the idea from, but after attending Emma's fifth birthday back in March she has said she wanted a pool party for her birthday!
There wasn't much work on my part for this little soiree.  Cupcakes, favor bag, and my credit card!
I found the cutest invites on etsy for only $10 and she even changed the hair color to brown for me.  I kept the pink, purple, and blue theme going from the invites and made tags for the favors.  Inside were flip flops for each guest.

I should have kept the cupcakes to just pink because every girl wanted pink.  Luckily we had one volunteer for purple so there was no crying!  And the cupcakes were Sam's Club...30 cupcakes for $14.98!

It was about 25 degrees outside but a balmy 80 inside.  The girls had a blast!  I would show more pictures of all her friends, but I don't know many of the parents well enough to parade their child on my blog.
This pool is actually inside our community center where our gym is.  Not only can we workout here, but there is open swim all the time for the kids!

I think she was in awe of having all her little friends around her:)

My favorite part...the kids always swarm the birthday girl/boy and more and more gifts get opened they get closer and closer.
A special thanks to Uncle Brandon who came and braved the pool for us!  Thanks for taking one for the team so I didn't have to get into my bathing suit:)




  1. What a great pool that is! Looks like Lauren had a great party!

  2. um, I must have missed our invitation in the mail! lol! looks like fun!!