Monday, December 23, 2013

Spot from school and more Santa too!

Everyone in Lauren's class gets an opportunity (or two, I'm told) to take Spot home for a weekend.  Lauren came home two weeks ago explaining that there was only two names left for Spot.  And that meant if we were the last name, we would get Spot for the entire Christmas break.  Unfortunately Thankfully, we had Spot the weekend before break.
We gave him a makeover...
Took him sledding...

And even baked cookies with him at Grandma's house.

 I think Lauren's favorite part was taking Spot to enjoy bedtime stories with Santa.  The kids got to come dressed in their pj's and listen to Santa read.  He also took time in between to listen to some very excited children.  

 And they weren't telling him what they wanted for Christmas, one told him about how she painted her nails.  Another wanted to know if he knew their Elf on the shelf. 
 The next morning we had to take Spot back to school and turn in our homework assignment (which took mom an hour to complete!!) that showed everyone about his adventures with our family.  

 PS - Billy and I were most excited for Spot to go back to school because we got a little more room in our bed.  Lauren INSISTED Spot sleep with us because she already sleeps with fifteen dolls and stuffed animals leaving no extra room.  She wanted him in the middle of Billy and I...sure, honey...wink, wink.  She then woke up at 3:30am and walked into our room asking where he was.  I said he was happy at the foot of the bed, but Lauren said he HAD to be in the middle.  Half asleep, I complied.  I complied for the next three nights.



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