Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Highlights

 I took a good break from blogging for the holidays and enjoyed what felt like a nice little staycation.  Normally, there seems to be a lot of plans and places to go but we somehow escaped that this year.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, here are a few highlights from ours.

Lauren's Christmas Concert
Her school put on a holiday concert after drop off right before their break.  Billy couldn't get away from work, so grandpa stepped in for the fun.  It was adorable to see the kids performing.  A few parents even said what a nice voice Lauren had:)

Christmas Eve
We always spend Christmas Eve with Robin and Bill, usually heading to church first and then right to the party.  Not everyone had arrived when we took this family picture, but it's usually pretty crazy when the whole gang arrives so I tried to capture most of us.  (I apologize to anyone we missed.)  It was a fun gift goes to my inlaws who surprised me with a costco membership!  I can't wait to get there!

Christmas Day
We all slept in Christmas morning and since we didn't have to be to my mom's until 3pm, we were able to relax and the kids got to enjoy all their new toys.  We got some great video of their first reactions that had came.  As corny as it sounds, it really is magical.

I love this picture of them under the tree.  They hadn't opened any gifts yet and you can see all the excitement on their faces.
This was by far his favorite gift from Santa, even sleeping with it a few nights this past week.
And this was Lauren's, an Ariel robe.  She wears it every morning and every night...pretty much any and every chance she gets.
And this was Billy's favorite gift...we drank out of them last night!  Go Green!
My mom had a big surprise waiting for Lauren and William.  She sent them on a scavenger hunt throughout the house and at the end of a long string was a power wheels truck!  William couldn't be bothered with the hunt because of his new batman toys (you can see him holding his  batmobile in the bottom left)
Each Christmas seems to get better and better as they get older, but being in our new home also made it feel extra special.  This all seems like it happened months ago, especially since our tree is down and the house is back to feeling bare.  I'm hoping to get back into blogging in 2014...share projects and more of the little moments that I love looking back on.  Hoping being the key word:)


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