Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm No Barefoot Contessa {V}

I haven't posted one of these in forever, but I've been meal planning really well and trying out some new recipes on my clan.  I've had some really good recommendations from friends and great pinterest luck, enjoy!

This Rachael Ray recipe came from a friend who said this went over really well with her young family.  It was a big hit here too!  It does make a ton, so if you aren't a leftover person, invite some friends over to share.

I've been making the same enchilada recipe for years, it's on the back of a can and has never disappointed. But I saw this recipe and decided to try it over the weekend.  It's not a week night meal, as the prep and assemble took awhile.  But OMG, they were the best enchiladas I've ever had.  The effort was 100% worth it.  Restaurant quality, and don't skip the black olives.  I was going to, but read that it's the olives that really bring the flavor.  I even had enough left to make a small casserole dish and freeze.  I hope they are just as good.

This recipe came from a local lady who recently started a food blog.  The pictures on her blog made this dish look so delicious, not to mention that Billy is a huge fan of capers.  We all loved and even picky William had two helpings.  I did pass on the side of pasta and just got rolls to soak up extra sauce.

I don't have pictures of these last two recipes but they were very light dishes:

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  1. These all look soooo good! We're mostly protein and veg during the week (weirdos, I know!) but one of these would be perfect for a weekend indulgence! That salad looks amazing too. Definitely trying it for lunch soon. Thanks for sharing!
    xxo, meg