Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Memories

We're trying to get back into our regular routine around here, but the midwest has been dumped with over a foot of snow and we are now dealing with arctic temperatures.  I have a major case of cabin fever and may have developed a slight twitch from being stuck at home for almost 48 hours!

But looking back to just a week ago, we were ringing in the new year with dinner at my mom's.  We had family visiting between the holidays and NYE was the only night we could all see each other.  My mom cooked a wonderful dinner, it was lovely to have everyone together!
Jocelyn has known my aunt and uncle from Richmond for a long time, even joining us on two family vacations.  They joined us for a New Year's drink and some good laughs!
The kids got to enjoy a little "bubbly" to celebrate too!

We headed home early to get the kids to bed and for the first time ever I was asleep for the big ball my defense I was resting up for the bigger celebration the next day!

 We were back on the party train the next day to celebrate the big game with friends.  Again, we enjoyed another wonderful dinner and a VICTORY!

 In anticipation for this big game I ordered us Rose Bowl t-shirts...upon arrival I decided they were a little dorky.  What was even dorkier was that Billy and I were matching head to toe.  MSU tshirt, white long sleeve shirt, and dark skinny jeans (yes, he rocks the skinny jeans)...I made him keep his coat on the entire time!  But the glasses, they were perfect!

Our half time show was an official P family dance party!  Much fun and thanks for hosting us!


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