Friday, January 10, 2014

Ice Skating

Growing up my mom had us trying a lot of different activities.  I often say now that I dabbled in swimming, tennis, calligraphy (yep, I took a few classes) and we had a good run at ice skating.  It made sense living in Michigan that we would learn how to skate, but the real push for my mom was most likely her love of figure skating.
I hadn't been on skates since before Lauren was born, but got an itch to get the whole family suited up just before Christmas.  The itch mainly came from driving by our local park where kids skate on the reflecting pool turned ice rink.  The park is less than a five minute walk from the house.  After a few phone calls and some bargain shopping, the family was ready to go.
It was the first time on ice skates for both kids and while they were both a joy to watch, William was quite the sight.  Check out the video of Wills on skates!

Lauren and I went out again just after Christmas for an evening skate.  The only thing missing from our outdoor rink are some tunes.  That is always a highlight at a rink's open skate:)

Not only did William like ice skating, but he has a LOVE for eating snow.  Yes, snow.  Probably yellow snow or motor oil snow, the kid will just sit down and eat.  There isn't much I have been able to do to convince him otherwise.



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