Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip Report: Harbor Springs Part 2

Harbor Springs
Legs Inn and Burt Lake

Our Sunday night dinner was spent at the Legs Inn in Cross Village. We drove through the tunnel of trees on our way to the restaurant and took in some amazing scenery. We all needed a glass of club soda after the long and winding road:) But....it was worth it!

This restaurant was awesome! Authentic polish food with some gorgeous views of Lake Michigan. Our wait was a short 15 minutes, just enough time to snag some family pics.

The dudes...
The Paddens...
and us!

Billy and I were a little nervous to take Lauren out to eat after a big day because she isn't the best behaved especially after all the fun. Well, the vacation gods were on our side, because both Lauren and Emma were AWESOME! High fives all around!
I didn't get a picture of it, but everyone said I was the winner with my meal. Ghoulash served over potato pancakes...yummy! This was our only group shot...a framer, don't cha think?!?
After dinner, Jocelyn and I tried to get a few more pics of the girls and the scenery...

Uh, maybe we should have been watching the girls a little better rather than letting them hang over the ledge...whoops:)
This was my favorite shot with my girl. One word...happy!
Monday was our breakfast out to American Spoon in Petoskey. Another great pick by the Padden's. The best homemade english muffins and my Farm Egg Tartine was delish. We then headed to Burt Lake to spend the afternoon with Jocelyn's brother, Todd. Todd and his wife Kirsten were visiting from Richmond, VA and asked us to hang for a bit at her parents place. We enjoyed some sun and beers on the dock and a great spread of make your own panini's for lunch (fab idea for a laid back lunch, IMO).

Todd and Kirsten's dog Brutus was a big hit with Lauren too.
Uh oh, Brutus got Em's frisbee

Matching bathing suits!

And Mrs. Winfield gets a big THANK YOU from us for watching sweet William while he napped so we could hang on the dock.

Lovin' his wild and humid hair while we were away

Tuesday morning before we left for Traverse City we grabbed a few shots....

To Jocelyn, Colin, and Emma

Thank you for all the planning, the laughs, and the memories. We had a great time and we know Lauren loved spending a few days with her bff!


The Crawfords

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