Monday, August 15, 2011

Trip Report: Harbor Springs Part 1

We returned this past Saturday from a week long vacation all over northern Michigan. The trip was fabulous, much needed, and filled with friends and family. I'm splitting up my trip report into four parts because, I'll admit, its a little overwhelming to blog everything!

This was the first week long vacation where Billy was with us the entire time and it was also our first vacation where part of it only included just the Crawford Clan! So here goes....

Harbor Springs
The Petoskey Pixie and Pond Hill Farm

We rented a house with the Paddens in Harbor Springs from Saturday to Tuesday. The house had a distant view of Lake Michigan (can't see in this pic) and our backyard was a horse farm.
The trip was almost all about the girls. Matching jammie's and bathing suits. Even a special waffle breakfast to go along with the jammie's.
We told the girls that they needed to make a fairy garden so the Petoskey Pixie would come and leave them presents. For any "camp" readers, yes, we ripped it off from the blueberry fairy.

The gardens were filled with pine needles, rocks, and flowers...

(my fav pic of Emma from the trip)

The next morning the girls awoke to find the Petoskey Pixie did in fact arrive...complete with princess coloring books and special water bottles!

We spent Sunday morning at the Pond Hill Farms...

Feeding ducks...
Feeding goats...
Checking out the "Comand Center", not to be confused with "Command Center"
And of course, being a little goofy...
But the best part, even for us adults, was the squash launcher

Even Jocelyn and I particpated. (I really did it too, no pics, only video)

Stay tuned for more. Hoping to post the rest of the vacation throughout the week.



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