Friday, August 19, 2011

Trip Report: Silver Lake

The last part of the vacation brought us a little southwest to Silver Lake, near Ludington, where we met the Crawfords for a few days of camping. I don't have as many pictures as I'd hoped because we used our video camera a ton. When will you see a video montage of the trip? Well, that's Billy's job. (He's still working on William's ARRIVAL don't hold your breath)

Billy was originally suppose to drop us off at the campground and continue on to a meeting in Grand Rapids, but much to our surprise, it was cancelled! We were then able to do a group dune buggy ride from Mac Wood's. We weren't sure if William could ride, but they had baby bjorn's that we could borrow (the one thing we forgot) which was perfect. The wait was about 45 minutes so we got to check out this little museum and Lauren got dirty in their sandbox.
The driver gave us all kind of interesting information about the company (started in 1930),the area, and the dunes.

The tour only lasted about 45 mins and midway through it stopped on Lake Michigan. It was really windy but neither kid seemed to mind.

I would recommend to anyone...$16 for adults, kids 2 and under were free.
I didn't have my camera out all day Friday but we had a great day. Rented a pontoon boat and Lauren and Billy climbed the dunes while I hung back with William who was super upset and squirmy in his lifejacket...I would be too if was wearing one, two sizes too big:)
Lauren loved spending time with her cousin Drew and Johnny, scared at first, be warmed up pretty fast.
And because it was a 5 minute drive from the campground, we visited another lighthouse. Ok, I won't lie. I actually really like lighthouses. Reminds me of all our vacations to the Outer Banks and the area surrounding a lighthouse is always so pretty.

We ended the night with a big Happy Birthday to Robin before heading to bed and sleeping, well attempting to sleep, through the loudest and longest thunderstorm. There were times I was sure Uncle John's trailer was going to slide right into Bill and Robin's and sweep us away. But of course, my imagination is always way off.

So that's it. Our up north summer vacation. I've enjoyed telling you all about our experiences and can't wait for our fall adventure to Florida. Yep, our Florida trip that was cancelled has been rescheduled just like I'd hoped, only this time I'll have a drink in one hand and a baby in the other:)

Have a great weekend



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