Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trip Report: Traverse City

Let the vacation continue!!
We stopped in Charlevoix on our way to Traverse City to walk around and grab lunch. We enjoyed some good eats at Whitney's and then grabbed a few pics before continuing on.
The plaid brigade.
Love this picture, wish it were on the real camera.
Our upgraded room in Traverse City. We had our own room, fireplace, and....
jetted tub! You know what happened in there??? Lauren took a bath:)
We ventured out to the Old Mission Pennisula for some wine tasting later in the afternoon. And again, we were lucky to have two well behaved kiddos. Our favorite winery was Chateau Chantal of the three we went to during our trip.

The views were spectacular as well as the set up. You could taste inside and then order a glass to enjoy outside on their deck. We even ordered a cheese, olive and hummus plate.
The Old Mission Pennisula was our favorite of the two pennisula's to tour. You totally felt like you were in wine country with the vineyards surrounding you and not to mention water on both sides
We ended the night with a stop at the Old Mission Lighthouse and let Lauren dip her toes in Lake Michigan.

She did a little more than dip her toes ya go, dad!

Wednesday we headed up to Leland to explore historic fishtown. We stopped for lunch in Sutton's Bay first at the 45th Parallel Cafe. Billy got the best Greek Salad ever, the dressing totally made it! The beets were homemade and everything was so fresh. We also stopped next door to their candy shop and grabbed some pretty tasty fudge too!
All though our lunch stop was delish, I was kind of second guessing our choice because people were lined up for sandwiches from The Village Cheese Shanty. There were picnic tables all over and the sandwiches looked so good.

Historic Fishtown was really cute, though very hard to navigate on the gravel with our stroller, but a great stop.

Here's me in historic fishtown, apparently they have all the latest fashions too:)

I had to zoom in on this shot because it looked like I had a mustache...yep, I did:)
We stopped at two wineries on our way back through the Leland Pennisula. Chateau Fontaine, which Billy really liked and Blackstar Farms. Blackstar Farms had animals for us to see and pet and a little cafe. We opted not to taste at Blackstar because Lauren was getting a little antsy. We just grabbed two glasses at the cafe
and this amazing antipasto platter. Almost to pretty to eat, almost.
(And what's more artistic, the platter or Billy's drawing? You decide.)

This part of the trip was just what the four of us needed. Its hard to get just "us" time with our busy schedules and Billy's travel and it showed us that we need to make more time to create memories with just us and our kids. I'll admit we are to blame because we LOVE being around the grandparents and all of our friends, especially vacations, but these two days were the quality time we needed!



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