Sunday, November 20, 2011

If it's not one, its the other.

We rarely go out to lunch on the weekends, in fact, we rarely eat out in general because it can be more trouble than its worth.  But we "thought" the stars had aligned yesterday after a quick errand to buy Lauren her bike helmet for her upcoming birthday.  

Mudgie's is a hidden little gem in Corktown that I had the pleasure of dining at almost two years ago and had been wanting to take Billy there ever since.  They pride themselves on serving as much local fare as possible.  Go.  Except Sundays, they are closed.

We stuffed the diaper bag with the usual crayons, coloring book and Ipad for Lauren and because William wasn't so agreeable most meals in Florida I packed baby food and every parents favorite restaurant baby snack, Gerber Puffs.  Puffs are basically a flavored cheerio that dissolves faster for babies learning to eat solids, but also a great stalling food.

Things were going well.  We were enjoying our ice tea spiced with nutmeg and some hot sweet potato soup while two kids pleasantly sat beside us. The soup looked so much like what I made for William I gave him a taste too, smiles all around.  

Que toddler who wouldn't eat, threw food on the floor, and began to crawl under the table.  

Three to-go containers later we left saying "if it's not one, it's the other."



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