Friday, November 18, 2011

Our week.

Its been awhile since I posted about our everyday life.  Not every week is trips, holidays or special nights with friends.  Though I feel like this week, just doing our everyday was filled with some fun stuff and milestones!

We are always driving all over, whether it be to school or over to Grandma's, and I just happened to catch her with this magazine while we were stopped.

Me: "anything cute in there"
Lauren: "not really"

Dad was traveling almost all week so an overnight at Grandma's was a must.  It really breaks up the long days and I know Grandma enjoys the company.

Wills turned eight months yesterday.  He is full on crawling, pulling himself up, and starting to walk along things.  Once he is up, he can't get back down so the tears are flowing a little more often.  Baby brother is STILL waking up at night, but I got this great concealer to make me look completely rested.  Problem solved, right?

Yesterday we got to enjoy a little fire, coffee, and legos before starting our day. We rarely just enjoy the morning in our jammies, so this was welcomed change up to our week.

Tower time.  She asks "mom, will you build a tower with me?" at least once a day. The question is always asked when I'm folding clothes, making beds, or doing dishes.  But I stop, maybe I finish the folding first, but I always say yes.  This is why I'm home, to spend time with my littles:)  

I made homemade baby food when Lauren was a baby, and the guilt has been building every time I open a baby food jar for William.  I never fed Lauren exclusively homemade food, but its the feeling of what you do for one, you need to do for the other.  It took no time at all.  Roast at 400 degrees for 1 hr 15 mins and puree.  

 Hands down, biggest milestone...Lauren's is in big girl underwear!  We were about 70% there before Florida, but really buckled down when we got home.  It's a lot of work, but also feels really rewarding that I'm the one helping her to become a big girl.  So when I talk to my old co-workers and they say they saved the company 1 million dollars, I can say "well, my kid pooped in the potty." Its all relative.

She came out the bathroom and said "I think I took too much toilet paper."

I just had to throw this one in.  Who knew half & half would be good with Corn Flakes?

An overall great week at home.  There are always frustrating moments staying at home, but after a conversation Monday with Grandma and Aunt Beth, I changed my attitude and it was all up hill from there.  



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