Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O Canada!

Have you ever been curling?  Have you even heard of curling?
Most people have heard of it but have probably never played.  Aunt Roberta had always wanted to curl and organized the outing at the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale.

After a quick tutorial of the game, we did a few practice shots and separated into teams.

Some of us caught on a little quicker

then others:)  Of course, my athleticism allowed me to catch on rather quickly.

And don't misinterpret the following pictures as indication that curling wasn't fun.  Just serious and a little competitive.


It was good fun.  After the first two rounds, everyone started to find their rhythm and points were being placed on the board.

Sweeping did take some practice.  In the professional circuit, sweeping can add 15 ft to the total distance the rock will go.  

In our case, it could have hurt the distance a few times.

TEAM CANADA did win, but TEAM USA is armed and ready for a rematch!

Because I wasn't in the group shot I made Billy take my picture to document I was present.  I did know what curling was but CLEARLY did not know what the appropriate attire was.  Come on, who doesn't wear pearls to curl? The website said "loose clothing," and now I totally get it.  Workout pants and layers...believe it or not, you work up a sweat out there!  

Roll Tide!  
Watch here if your wondering where this is coming from.  It became the phrase of the weekend.



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