Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 days of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  You get to relive the best of Christmas all over again with your kids and do it exactly the way you want.  We get to create our own traditions.  
My family wasn't huge on Christmas traditions.  We didn't make Christmas cookies every year or have a night the family decorated the tree.  But getting to place my favorite ornaments on the tree and make sure my mom left off the ugly ornaments, became a tradition.  And even though we make fun every year, we still look forward to our stockings filled with chapstick, toothpaste, skittles, and if you're really good?  A toothbrush.  The favorite family tradition is reciting lines from "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation."  

"You serious, Clark?"

Last year, I purchased this little advent calendar that I filled with a hershey kiss for Lauren to enjoy each day.  This year, I stepped up my game with the 25 days of Christmas.  Something big or small that we'll do each day till Christmas!  I wanted to share my list for anyone else interested in a little extra Christmas spirit this year.

25 Days of Christmas

 Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  Decorate the tree
  Make Christmas cookies
  Write a letter to Santa
  Read a Christmas book
 Visit Santa
 Color a Christmas picture
  Watch a Christmas movie
  Make a gingerbread house
  Make a snowman
 Sing Christmas songs/dance party
 Celebrate Lauren's birthday  
  Make Chex Mix
 Read Twas the Night before Christmas
  Drink hot cocoa with marshmallows
Go sledding with daddy
 Put out the nativity and tell the story of baby Jesus
 Do a Christmas Craft with mommy
 Wear new Christmas jammies
 Make a card and mail it to special friend
  Build a fort and have dinner inside it
 Breakfast for dinner
  Do a Christmas craft with friends
  Put out cookies and milk for Santa
Celebrate Christmas Day

I did have to strategicly place each day's activity to make sure it worked with our calendar and will be moving things around should there be no snow or snow for certain activities!

Lauren was pretty excited to get her candy and write Santa a letter today.  She wished Santa a happy birthday in her letter and asked for a dollhouse.  A seed I planted because she hasn't asked for one thing...except snacks.  Seriously, this kid would be happy with a box filled with snacks that she could eat ALL DAY LONG!

The house is starting to get decorated...a little sneak peek at my Christmas wreath.  

What are your traditions?  Tell me.  I triple-dog-dare ya:)



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